Understanding the Impact of Service Trials on Privacy Disclosure

Yayoi Suganuma, Jun Narita, Masakatsu Nishigaki, Tetsushi Ohki
HCII 2020: HCI International 2020 - Posters, pp. 605-612, July 2020.
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We have many opportunities to disclose privacy information in exchange for convenient services. In the context of privacy calculus, numerous research studies have been conducted to date on the relation between potential benefits and potential risks of privacy disclosure decisions. However, an unresolved problem in the privacy calculus is that the intention of the privacy disclosure may vary not only between users but also in a single user. Our study hypothesized that each user always makes a decision on privacy disclosure depending on the user experience of the service in use. Therefore, we take a user-centered perspective to investigate the impact of service trials on users’ privacy disclosure decisions. In this study, a task-based study scenario has designed and tested between lab members. Result of investigation, we find if the service makes users have a good impression after service trials, users tend to provide more privacy disclose.